Trauma Care Unit

The Trauma Care Centre at Maa Durga Hospital provides specialized medical services and resources to patients suffering from traumatic injuries. The treatment meted out to our patients has been shown to reduce the likelihood of death or permanent disability to injured patients.

Intensive Therapeutic Unit

The ITU at Maa Durga Hospital has state of the art monitoring and life-support equipment to observe the normal body functions and provide supported to a patient. The ITU deals with very sick patients and the problems they have.

Ultramodern Beds

Maa Durga Hospital has around 40 beds that are currently going to be expanded to accommodate more patients and to ensure that everyone receives the same treatment from each other.

Operation Theatres

Our Hospital has a well-equipped operation theatre to help our patients with all kinds of operation needs according to their ailment.


Maa Durga Hospital’s Out Patient Department is one of the best in the area. Our doctors attend to the patients both rich and poor and care for them.

Emergency – 24Hrs

We have an emergency department that serves our patients all twenty four hours in a day. We see to it that all those who require immediate care and attention get it.

Ambulance – 24hrs

We also have a standing ambulance service that will reach our patients as soon as they need it.


Maa Durga Hospital also has its own in-house pharmacy from where the patients can get their medications at affordable prices.


Our pathology lab does all kinds of tests to diagnose the condition of patients and to generate the reports of the tests.